Strange Blood

Title: Strange Blood

Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi

Year: 2015

Cast: Robert Brettenaugh, Alexandra Bard, James Adam Lim/span>

Directed by: Chad Michael Ward

Written by: Chad Michael Ward, Pearry Teo

Produced by: Pearry Teo, Rosie Zwaduk

Executive Produced by: Ehud Bleiberg, Nicholas Donnermeyer

Co-Produced by: John Eslinger, Oana Voicu

Origin: USA

Language(s): English

Awards/Festivals: Nocturna-Madrid IFFF

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“The themes, the story, the direction, and especially the practical effects make it an utterly effective body horror film. Director/writer Chad Michael Ward does a great job of capturing that tactile feel that really creeps under your skin… Impressive work comes from Robert Brettenaugh as Henry who brings a physicality to the performance that enhances the subtle effects. He really pays attention to posture and body language making the person he is before the infection and after the infection two entirely different looking people.”
-Ain’t It Cool News

When a brilliant but obsessive scientist (Robert Brettenaugh) goes to extremes to develop a universal cure for all disease, he finds himself infected with a bizarre parasite that begins to transform him into a bloodthirsty madman. Time running out, and with the aid of his med student assistant (Alexandra Bard), he must find a way to stop the monster that is growing within and prevent the rest of the world from being “cured.”

North American Release by XLrator Media / Paramount Home Entertainment