In the Shadow

Title: In the Shadow (Ve Stinu)

Genre: Thriller, Drama

Year: 2013

Cast: Ivan Trojan, Sebastian Koch, Sona Norisova

Directed by: David Ondricek

Written by: Marek Epstein, David Ondricek, Misha Votruba

Produced by: Krystof Mucha, Ehud Bleiberg, David Ondricek

Co-Produced by: Jacek Naglowski, Agnieszka Janowska, Patrik Pass, Moshe Edery, Leon Edery, Pavel Cechak

Origin: Czech Repbulic, Slovakia, Poland, Israel

Language(s): Czech, German

Awards/Festivals: WINNER of 9 Czech Lions including Best Picture, Director, Screenplay, Actor and Cinematography; WINNER: Variety & Palm Springs IFF – Directors to Watch

External Links: UK Premiere with David Ondricek

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“Powerful! ‘In the Shadow’ intriguingly brings a film noir sensibility to a time of great political tension, in much the same way Warner Bros. created socially conscious Hollywood entertainments in the 1930s and 1940s.” -Variety

“A scathing, expertly directed political commentary.” -The Hollywood Reporter

Set in 1950s Prague, “In the Shadow” follows Hakl (4-time Czech Lion winner Ivan Trojan of “Vaclav” and the Oscar-nominated “Zelary”), a member of the Communist police force and his investigation of a seemingly mundane robbery at a goldsmith’s shop. His desire for the truth, though, leads him to new evidence indicating that the case is far more complicated than it seems. State Security takes over the investigation, replacing him with a German specialist in Zionist crime, Zenke (Sebastian Koch, the Academy Award-winning “The Lives of Others,” “Bridge of Spies”), whose ominous arrival feels more than coincidental. Hakl defiantly continues his investigation on his own, sending both men on a collision course with governmental powers beyond anything they could have suspected.

Official Entry, Czech Republic: 2013 Academy Awards – Best Foreign Language Film