Burning Shadow

Burning Shadow - B03a - 600

Title: Burning Shadow

Genre: Thriller

Year: 2018

Cast: Matthew Dennis Lewis, Roxane Mesquida, Russell Dennis Lewis, Roger Guenveur Smith, Richard Edson, Julie Delpy

Directed by: Alexandre Nahon

Written by: Alexandre Nahon & Brian Swinehart

Produced by: Ehud Bleiberg, Nicholas Donnermeyer, Florence Roudaut, Jeff Guillot

Executive Produced by: Charles Wachsberg

Origin: USA

Language(s): English

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Charlie is a 30-something out-of-luck loner who works at a food stand and is struggling to even pay his rent in downtown Los Angeles. One fateful evening, he starts talking with a blind homeless man, only to see that the man is his exact double. Perplexed and intrigued by the discovery, Charlie brings the man into his life. What follows is a twisted, philosophical examination of desperation, fear, love and greed, told through the lens of classic film noir, with a supernatural sci-fi twist.