Stand Up Guy

Title: A Stand Up Guy

Genre: Comedy

Year: 2016

Cast: Danny A. Abeckaser, Bob Saget, Michael Rapaport, Annie Heise, Ethan Supleee, Moran Atias, Jay Ferguson

Directed by: Mike Young

Written by: Mike Young

Produced by: Danny A. Abeckaser, Ilan Arboleda, Vince P. Maggio

Executive Produced by: Isaac Gindi, Eddie Gindi

Origin: USA

Language(s): English

External Links: Variety

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Sammy (Danny A. Abeckaser of “The Iceman,” “The Wolf of Wall Street”) is a low-level thug and thief who makes his living robbing houses and doing small contracts for the local mob. But when one of his jobs goes south, he’s forced to flee town and enters the witness protection program… It’s a small town and there’s not a lot going on. Sammy ends up doing standup at a bar, impressing the locals with his big city stories and outrageous personality. One of his sets ends up going viral, though, and now his former mob bosses are looking to take him out for good.

Also starring the hilarious Michael Rapaport (“The Heat,” Woody Allen’s “Mighty Aphrodite” and “Small Time Crooks”) and comic legend Bob Saget (“Full House,” “Entourage”)

U.S. Release by The Orchard / Sony Pictures