Title: Red

Genre: Thriller, Drama

Year: 2008

Cast: Brian Cox, Tom Sizemore, Kim Dickens, Robert Englund, Amanda Plummer, Noel Fisher, Kyle Gallner, Shiloh Fernandez

Directed by: Trygve Allister Diesen, Lucky McKee

Screenplay by: Stephen Susco

Based on the Novel by: Jack Ketchum

Produced by: Norman Dreyfuss

Executive Produced by: Bill Straus, Randy Ostrow, Lawrence Mattis

Origin: USA

Language(s): English

Awards/Festivals: Official Selection: Sundance Film Festival, Sitges Film Festival


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“Riveting! A taut and direct tale of revenge.” -The Hollywood Reporter

“Powerful and unsettling.” -IndieWire

An older, reclusive man, Avery, (Brian Cox, “The Bourne Identity,” “Troy”) has a best friend in his dog, Red. When three teens kill Red for no reason, Avery sets out for justice and redemption, attempting to follow the letter of the law. But when the law fails him, and the boys’ father (Tom Sizemore, “Black Hawk Down,” “Heat”) clearly defines right and wrong in his own way, Avery must use whatever means possible. Written by Stephen Susco (“The Grudge,” “Unfriended: Dark Web”), from a novel by acclaimed author Jack Ketchum, “Red” also stars Robert Englund (“A Nightmare on Elm Street”), Amanda Plummer (“Pulp Fiction”), Shiloh Fernandez (“Evil Dead”), Noel Fisher (“Castle Rock”), Kyle Gallner (“American Sniper”) and Kim Dickens (“Gone Girl”)

U.S. Release by Magnolia Pictures