Ace the Case

Ace the Case 1a - 600x780

Title: Ace the Case (aka Kid Witness)

Genre: Family, Comedy

Year: 2016

Cast: Susan Sarandon, Ripley Sobo, Lev Gorn

Directed by: Kevin Kaufman

Written by: Kevin Kaufman

Produced by: Kevin Kaufman

Executive Produced by: Doug Biro, Anthony Burke, Trey Duncan, Douglas Falconer, Roy Poretzky, Rick Tirelli, Salome Breziner, Greg Giagrande, Robin Gross

Origin: USA

Language(s): English

Awards/Festivals: Bentonville IFF

External Links: Creative Screenwriting Interview With Kevin Kaufman

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Left in the care of her teenage brother Miles (Aaron Sauter, “Detachment”) while their mom is out of town, 10-year-old Olivia Haden (Ripley Sobo, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”) takes her dog Charlie for a late-night walk and witnesses a brazen kidnapping on the deserted streets of New York City. But when she tells Miles what she has seen, he dismisses her, and when she reports it to the NYPD, only a sympathetic detective named Dottie (Academy Award®-winner Susan Sarandon, “Thelma & Louise”) will even listen. Without solid evidence, there’s nothing Dottie can do, so the intrepid tween sets out to solve the crime herself. Facing down a trio of bumbling crooks, a mysterious fixer toting an oversized bunny, and a rapidly ticking clock, Olivia crisscrosses lower Manhattan in an exciting family-oriented thriller sure to delight kids of all ages, as well as their parents.

U.S. Release by Gravitas Ventures & Broad Green Pictures